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"Ate Belle, my midwife, introduce me to Doula Ria to help and assist me during labor, delivery and breastfeeding. Doula Ria helped me a lot while waiting for the big day. She gave a lot of exercising and breathing videos that I can use during labor...
What an amazing experience in this time of Pandemic! Also, my dream birth plan was successful.
To Doula Ria (Gracious Birth Maternal Support Services), thank you so much for your kindness and genuine care."

April Aldoz, July 2021

Had a powerful and amazing vbac experience with the very gentle and loving doula Ms Ria Adea Magundayao.

So thankful to have her gifted hand during my natural birthing experience on our 3.5kg baby boy...

Salamat po sa massage, embrace and encouragements during those very strong waves.

Love you Ms Ria.

Miss you.

Dhen Basco, August 2021

"Doula Ria, you will be helping us in a big way. We're the ones who are really happy to have you with us...
..Wow! You're such an awesome doula. I really appreciate your checking in. I think we're doing much better."

Caroline Adamson, December 2021

If we seem like a good fit, please get in touch to set up an initial meeting with me.

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